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As you prepare for our initial meeting, consider the topics discussed in these brief summaries and how these relate to your long- and short-term financial goals.

Making Your Retirement Everything You Dreamed It Would Be

Imagine waking up on your first day of retirement. What will you do all day? Play golf or participate in some other favorite, lifelong activity? Romp with the grandkids? Go sailing or take a trip? You'll need a plan to turn your dreams into reality. On that first morning, you'll want to awaken to a retirement lifestyle that is as comfortable, or more, as when you were at the peak of your career. Right now, is a great time to start thinking about your ideal retirement lifestyle. It's likely you will be retired longer than those who are retired today. Putting aside more today can help you live comfortably during a longer retirement.

Planning a Legacy for Loved Ones

After decades of working hard, saving, and investing, it's common to want to share what you've accumulated with those around you. If you are one of millions of Americans who are concerned about leaving something to family members or a favorite charity, now is the time to begin planning your legacy of generosity. Employing the appropriate giving strategies now may help increase the value of your gifts to your intended heirs, charity of choice, and even to yourself.

Educating Your Children and Grandchildren

If you have children or grandchildren and you want them to attend college, the first day of classes will be here sooner than you expect. When that day comes, you'll likely face one of two scenarios: It could be that you'll wave good-bye as your child's car pulls out of the driveway, knowing that you've planned well for the expense—anticipated or otherwise—that the next four years are certain to bring. Or, if you have grandchildren, you'll want to have a positive influence on their financial education as they grow up, knowing that your guidance will form a basis for their own solid financial future.

For more information on any of these topics, please refer to our Flipbooks page. There are several, valuable magazine-style periodicals in digital format, which take a deeper look into each of these topics.

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