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Our Privacy Notice


Supreme Alliance LLC, Broker/Dealer, and Supreme Alliance LLC, Registered Investment Advisor, Member FINRA (the Company) is committed to protecting the confidentiality and security of your per- sonal non-public information. We want you to know how we collect, use and protect this important information.


Why We Need Personal Information from You? We need to collect personal non-public information from you in order to provide you insurance products and services.

Personal Information We Collect? Personal information that we may collect about you includes your name, address, age, Social Security number, financial and credit history, health, employment, hobbies and similar matters. We will maintain physical and electronic safeguards to protect that information.


Sources We Use to Collect Personal Information? Most of the information we collect about you comes from you on the completed application for insurance or claim form. We may also obtain information from affiliated third parties which may include the Medical Information Bureau, paramedical examiners, agents, employers, other insurers, healthcare providers and consumer reporting agencies.


How We Use and Disclose Your Personal Information? We limit the collection and use of personal information to the extent required to issue and service your policy or claim. We will not share personal information outside the Companies for any purpose other than for the underwriting or administration of your policy or for marketing additional products of the Companies, unless the disclosure has been auth- orized by you or is permitted or required by law. Your personal information may be disclosed to other entities that provide business services to us related to our transactions with you, such as reinsurers or third party administrators, if any. Whenever we retain other organizations to provide support services on behalf of the Companies, we will require them to protect your personal information. We may dis- close your personal information if required or permitted by law, a government agency or court order.


How We Protect Your Personal Information? We will protect all of your personal information and we will restrict access to your personal information by maintaining physical, electronic and procedural safe- guards. We will restrict access to your personal information and only allow disclosures to persons who must use it to provide insurance products and services to you.


Keeping You Up-to-Date With Our Privacy Policy? We will notify you in writing if we make any material changes in our Privacy Policy. Above all, we value your trust and confidence in our ability to manage and protect your important personal information. You have the right to access and seek correction to your information. If you have any questions about accessing or correcting your information, please direct them to to our Compliance Department:

Supreme Alliance LLC Henry Smith, CCO




P.O. Box 665, Lancaster, KY 40444

Physical address is: 123 Vaughn Way, Lancaster, KY 40444